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Secure and easy payment Option
Can you think of anything as exciting as a wonderful, Safe easy and pleasant transaction?

We Accept for most EU countries -
Credit Card
Debit card
phone payment
postal order
bank draft
bank transfer

You choose your payment method Credit card processing - Paypal will be handling credit card payment made to dressingunique, hence you will be securely directed to paypal secure payment website. we accept paypal, credit card payments, debit card payment, **** * BANK WIRE - you will receive the account number to send the money to. - Please transfer the open amount to our bank account so we can send your order ****CASH PAYMENT: You can pay cash if you would like to pick up your order personally. Please make an appointment for picking up your order, call or email us to confirm availability. **** * MONEY ORDERS, bank drafts,- please be advised that your item will not be posted until your payment is confirmed and receive. We must receive this payment for 7 working days because we can only keep this item for that length.

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